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Every dog has his (or her!) day. Make it a special with our grooming services

While your pets are being groomed, they're treated like part of the family. Your pets' health and well-being is always my #1 priority. We offer affordable prices, high-quality grooming, and above all, no kennels or wait times because we come to you! 




pet undercoat removal | Mansfield, TX | Smoochable Pooch Mobile Pet Salon | 682-422-3352	dog grooming | Mansfield, TX | Smoochable Pooch Mobile Pet Salon | 682-422-3352

"This is one of the most professional dog groomers I have ever used.
Prices are fair and the work is about as good as it gets. She really
puts a lot of effort into her job and you can tell she really loves
animals.We have found our groomer!" - Robert E.

Show your loyal 4-legged friend a little extra attention with our grooming services

Your best 4-legged, tail-wagging canine friend is going to lavish you with all kinds of happiness and affection after they've enjoyed their professional bathing and grooming session with Smoochable Pooch Mobile Pet Salon!

We'll shower your pet with individualized attention, tons of affection, and while we're doing that, we'll examine your pet for fleas. We'll also be able to tell you right away if your dog has parasites, ear mites, or other parasites that may not be visible to the untrained eye.


  • All natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free shampoos
    • Crème rinse conditioner included and used only if needed
    • Special shampoos are available or you're welcome to provide your own
    • Sanitary and anal gland bathing if needed
  • Eyes and ears gently cleaned
    • Ear hair plucked upon request
  • Hand blow-drying and brushing - no cage dryers ever
  • Face and feet trimmed if needed
  • Feet and paw pads neatened up
    • Nails trimmed
    • Clip and file nails
    • Paw pads shaved if necessary
  • Finishing touch of conditioning mist or gel leaves the coat soft, healthy, and fresh smelling

Make routine grooming part of your dog's overall health regimen. Ask about the rewards for our customer referral program

It's recommended that you have your dog groomed professionally every 6 - 8 weeks. This should be included with the regular care routines you already have in place such as regular visits to the vet and their daily exercise.

One of the best reasons for having your dog professionally groomed is for preventative health maintenance. Maybe your dog isn't due to see his / her vet for another three months but you're having us come to bathe and groom your furry canine buddy.

During the session, we check your dog's teeth, ears, and look out for anything that seems unusual such as growths or other markings that weren't there before and may have gone unnoticed by you.

This is not meant to take the place of your veterinarian and our services should never be used that way. We love your pet as much as you do and are only helping to look out for your pet's best health and well-being.

Call today to reward your best friend with our
professional grooming and bathing services.


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